Chổi làm sạch bavia 575066 120

(Hoffmann - Đức)

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Chổi làm sạch bavia 575066 120, Maker: Garant (Hoffmann - Đức)


Round brushes with extremely tightly packed abrasive bristles (right to the edge of the brush) embedded in the plastic pad. The bristles support each other, giving a highly stable shape. Very long working life. Nylon bristles with very high silicon carbide grit content for general-purpose use.
With longitudinal groove for clamping on face mill arbors (DIN 6357) and combination milling spigot arbors (DIN 6358).


  • Workpiece post-processing directly after the machining process.
  • Reproducible results due to continuous exposure of the abrasive grit.
  • Process reliability thanks to high stability and accuracy of the shape.
  • Quick and secure mounting without further accessories.
  • Very high concentricity.


On CNC machining centres and when used by robots, preferably wet grinding with cooling lubricant. For grinding side faces and inner faces: precise deburring (e.g. threads), edge rounding, delicate work after milling, surface finishing.


Special versions available on request.

Technical data:

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Chổi làm sạch bavia 575066 1203,063,500Đặt mua

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